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More often articles concerning the difficulties employers face when trying to find a qualified workforce are available in the press both, in Latvia and in the EU. Our Global Recruitment Group can be very useful for attracting qualified workforce from abroad and we will be happy to become your partner in the field of recruitment. Our company operates in several CIS countries, as well as cooperate with several partner countries of several EU countries, being able to offer the best candidates for work in your company!
Right now there are several large Latvian companies that trust us in the process of finding them the most suitable candidates for the jobs they offer. We also cooperate with employers from several EU countries who can provide feedback on our work!
We can find the most suitable workers for both manufacturing and trading, as well as, for simple task performing to very specific task performing. Please feel free to contact us and we will find the best solutions for any issues that may concern you, as well as the necessary workers who will be both qualified and motivated to work for you!

Contact us : info@u-recruit.lv

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