SIA UNIVERSAL Recruitment is a job placement company specializing in recruiting workforce from Ukraine, Georgia, Russia and other CIS countries, providing precisely and individually selected staff. We are the direct Ukrainian agency for recruiting LLC “UNIVERSAL RECRUITING”, which is a licensed recruitment company, partner in Latvia, as well as in other countries, who operate under the brand U-Recruit.

We offer:
• Consultations and practical advice on finding suitable employees.
• Selection of employees in accordance with your quality standards and working condition requirements in the territory of the CIS countries.
• Arranging and finding solutions for any technical issues related to moving a potential employee to Latvia.
• To settle the necessary permits (work, residence) for your employees.
• Locating a place of residence for an employee (if necessary).
• Initial help for your employee to sort things out in the process of moving to Latvia.
• Further training (if necessary) for your employees.
• Our support for any future issues that may concern you.

Our staff will be happy to provide you with comprehensive information and answers to any questions you may have regarding the attraction of qualified specialists from the CIS countries.

In hopes of successful cooperation,
best regards,

Eduards Kobiļuks
Universal Recruitment

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