Do you need qualified staff? We will find you suitable candidates in CIS countries.
(Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Russia).







  • We operate internationally and can offer you specialists from abroad as well;
  • We evaluate each candidate personally and, according to his ability, find the best employer;
  • We get feedback from previous employers to make your decision even more secure;
  • We conduct regular market research and follow the latest trends in the labor market;
  • Jobseekers are offered a range of training courses that can be practically and theoretically improved. It is also possible to organize training on topical issues for employers and to prepare employees for the needs and specifics of your industry and profession.



  • Compilation of data and selection of the most appropriate candidates;
  • Telephone interviews;
  • On-site interviews;
  • Group Interviews;
  • Compilation of best candidate results and document preparation;
  • Organize an interview with a potential employer.

Possible types of interviews:

  1. Competency interview;
  2. Stress interview;
  3. Psyhological interview.

Different tests for candidate evaluation:

  1. Logic tests;
  2. Attention tests;
  3. Psychological tests;
  4. U.c.
  • Compilation of results and evaluation.





We will help you to draw up and sign an employment contract and other related documents. We also help the candidates to collect and collect all the documents that will be required to conclude the employment contract.

If you choose candidates from abroad, we are ready to make their recruitment and prepare the documents:

  • Add placement in the State Employment Agency;
  • Visa processing;
  • Work permit processing;
  • Registration of residence permit;
  • Finding a place of residence for a Potential Employee;
  • We will encourage foreign workers to settle in Latvia and will also help solving domestic issues in the first months so that they feel comfortable with us and there are no issues that would prevent us from focusing on job responsibilities. Employees from abroad have our assigned personal assistant to deal with various issues.

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