Choose a skilled work force from the EU and CIS countries!

Choose a skilled work force from the EU and CIS countries!

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      Dear Employer!

      We are an employment provision company “U-RECRUIT”, which specializes in attracting qualified personnel from Ukraine, Georgia, Uzbekistan, as well as other CIS countries. By the term “qualified” we mean the employees of any industry whose level of professional qualification corresponds to the client’s specified work.

      The U-RECRUIT Group’s recruitment companies are also located in Ukraine and Georgia, which is why we work in the labor markets of these countries without intermediaries. Potential staff selection is carried out by professional staff specialists, which in turn guarantees the candidate’s compliance with your quality standards and the technical requirements of the work conditions.

      In addition we offer:

      • Organizing legal and technical issues related to moving a potential employee to Latvia;
      • Solving other issues of importance to you;
      • Staff hire;

      Upon your request we can also offer:

      • To locate a place of residence for the employee (if necessary);
      • Help for your employee to sort out everyday matters and get settled in(to) a new environment;
      • Further training for your employees (if necessary);
      • Our support in addressing future issues/matters.

      Taking into account that each client’s wishes are important to us, the solutions we offer are different in accordance with the needs and possibilities of each employer. We are very flexible and responsible, therefore choosing our services in attracting employees will be very pleased with the result.

      If you have already considered recruiting a workforce from abroad, but had doubts…
      If you haven’t considered recruiting a workforce from abroad, but this message has generated some interest
      If you have any questions about the process, the conditions for cooperation, etc…
      Feel free to contact us, we will be glad to help.

      Best regards/ Ar cieņu,
      Kārlis Laņģis
      Member of the Board/ Valdes loceklis
      SIA „Universal Recruitment”
      Mob: +371 26858679



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